Services: Leadership Effectiveness Topics


There is much confusion in the business world between the meaning of Management and Leadership.

Whereas Management addresses the actions required to achieve operational outcomes (such as targets and objectives) for the current or forthcoming financial year, leadership looks to the future to ascertain:

  • Where the company is going
  • How the organisational will adapt to a changing environment for technical, global, economic, social or market reasons
  • What transformation needs to take place to ensure continued relevancy and efficiency
  • How to apportion the company’s resources to ensure sustainable growth
  • What culture will guide decisions and staff behaviours

In short, a leader looks to the future to determine the direction, values, behaviours and operations of an organisation for reasons of continued expansion, alignment and profitability.

Below is a sample of a range of topics that we have used to facilitate leadership effectiveness:

  • The Nature of Authentic, Competent Leadership
  • Why Large Corporations Fail
  • Developing a Vision and Strategy
  • Blue Ocean Strategic Formulation
  • Implementing Successful Transformation and Change
  • Making Strategic Decisions
  • Group Decision Making
  • The Five Disciplines of Execution
  • Creating Corporate Culture
  • The Personal Qualities of Great Leaders
  • Building a Highly Effective Executive Team
  • High Impact Leadership

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