Dr Ray Laferla has published a number of books all dealing with the latest information on managements styles, techniques and best practices.


All books are available for order, please contact us for more information.

Book titles

  • Discover Your Management Style
  • Discover Your Psychological Type
  • The Leading Edge in Management
  • The Freedom of Forgiveness

Discover Your Management Style

This book is designed to provide you with essential insights and knowledge for appraising your management style and your managerial effectiveness. Other benefits to be derived from working through this publication include:

  • Establishing your managerial strengths and weaknesses;
  • Taking charge of your personal growth by applying specific strategies; and
  • Enhancing your managerial capacity to deliver improved performance.

The book is the outcome of extensive research undertaken in South Africa and Kenya to pinpoint the management styles employed by managers and their behavioural implications. It is based upon the use of an instrument called the “Management Style Indicator” or MSI which is included in the book. The MSI questionnaire is also available online. You’ll need a code to login. Please contact us if you don’t already have one.

Discover Your Psychological Type

Psychological Type is based on the work of Swiss Psychiatrist, Carl Jung. It identifies key preferences in four major areas of your life, namely:

  • What energizes, and what depletes you;
  • How you gather information to interpret the world you live in;
  • The manner in which you make decisions; and
  • Whether you are inclined towards a structured, or a more flexible, lifestyle.

This book will enable you to establish your Psychological Type, including your general characteristics, how you relate to others, and your counterproductive tendencies. It will help you to understand yourself, establish your natural attribution and get the most from life. Dr Laferla has also done extensive work to establish a valid and reliable instrument for ascertaining one’s Psychological Type. This instrument is included in the book.

The Leading Edge in Management

This book provides the most up-to-date and effective strategies for getting outstanding results through people.

This is not a book about theory. It is full of practical know-how for implementing actions across a wide range of managerial activities. Some of these strategies are new, never having been published before, such as the CIGARS method for delegation and the TRACKS system for creating conditions for motivation. Other strategies may be known, but what is different is they are integrated into a complete system for managing people.

In short, any person who manages people will find this book invaluable for providing the full range of management principles and practices; practices that are at the cutting edge, that get results.

The Freedom of Forgiveness

Many people find it extremely difficult to forgive. yet forgiveness is essential if we are to experience peace of mind and freedom of spirit.

If you have a desire to forgive and a willingness to release, and be released, of wrongful acts, this book will show you how. It is a practical book, based on principals that take you step by step through the necessary actions.

By diligently working through this book you will experience release from the chains of emotional pain and the burden of a heavy heart. You will be freed from feelings that seek vilification and revenge, and move on, leaving behind feelings of anger, bitterness, resentment, guilt and shame.

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